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Wire Wrapped Jewelry Specialists

At Snob Appeal Jewelry you will find superb wire-wrapped pendants created from Great Lakes area rocks and minerals and precious metals. We specialize in rocks and minerals of the Lake Superior region including Lake Superior Agates, Michiganís Isle Royale Greenstone (Chlorastrolite), Datolite, Prehnite, Thomsonite, Mohawkite, and Firebrick. Other significant jewelry stones are Petoskey Stone, including the rare Pink Petoskey Stone, from Lake Michigan and Fordite (Motor City Agate).

Jewelry lovers visit our website seeking rare and unusual semiprecious stones from around the United States and the world. From Russia, see pendants of Staurolite, Amber, Charoite, Astrophyllite, and even Seymchan Pallasite Meteorites. From distant places in Africa, Australia, and Asia, shop for Pietersite, Rhodochrosite, Opal, and Lapis jewelry. From the western United States, choose lovely jewelry of Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Variscite, Petrified Wood, Trilobites, Dinosaur Bone, and Coprolite. Drool over our many vibrant colors of Victoria Stone, created many years ago in Japan.

Enjoy wire wrapped pendants of assorted Mexican agates, including Crazy Lace, Laguna, Luna, and Moctezuma. Find Moss Agate, Kentucky Agate, Keswick Agate, Teepee Canyon, Queensland, and Botswana agates. Love the Copper-included Agates from the Keweenaw Peninsula, and Lake Superior agates of all types: banded, tube, eye, and sagenite. Buy Biggs, Morrisonite, Ocean Jasper, and Picture Jaspers of uncounted types.

The stone is always the star in our creations, and our one-of-a-kind jewelry reflects our respect for the beauty of each individual gemstone. We cut most of our stones, and using those gemstones we meticulously create handcrafted jewelry for life long beauty. Rock hounds and fashion seekers rave about our classical style of wire wrapped pendants. Join our satisfied customers: like us on Facebook, read our Snob Blog, and shop our online catalog!