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Customer Testimonials

Speaking of a pair of Lake Superior Agate Pendants made from her stones:
Got Them! They are beautiful! Thank you for the great price and the wonderful cutting, polishing, and wrapping. I will keep the best one and give the other one to my mom who just turned 90. Although she now lives in PA, our parents raised us in the U.P and she will know how special this one is.


I just received the pendant and to say it is amazing isn't giving it enough due. It is a stunner!!! The stones are out of this world! The work is incredible! The colors of the stone are fantastic. I can't say enough about this piece or even the other pieces I have purchased from you. Thank you! I will enjoy this pendant for a life time... Plus, as I read about dino bones they are a great protector stone and very powerful. Super incredible piece.....

So glad I met both of you! Many, many blessings.........


Dear Don & Bonnie,

Your fine jewelry brings the Lake Superior Agates to our memories of the Big Lake and environs.


Don and Bonnie,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the Baby Alligator Greenstone Pendant yesterday and absolutely love it!

My family is from northern Michigan and both Grandfathers worked at the Calcite Plant in Rogers City. My Mother was an avid rock hound which rubbed off on me. Family lore is that my Dad’s paternal Great Grandmother was the first white woman to be buried on Isle Royale. The greenstone from Isle Royale is, for me, a remembrance of this family member.

I found your website while looking for Petosky stones, and am enjoying your interesting blog.

Thank you for your quick response in filling my order. I will definitely be back for more.


The YOOPER LAND pendant is OUTSTANDING! I gave it to my wife for her birthday and she loves it. However there is a small issue that I must deal with when we go out in public. Nearly everyone comments on her necklace- BUT the rest of the people just stare. Sometimes I get a little jealous . MAYBE the solution would be a turtle neck shirt!

By the way my wife says "THANKS"


Dear Don & Bonnie,

I thank you for an exceptional pendant. Don took a dark, unassuming specimen greenstone and turned it into a beautiful work of art. The stone has been sitting on a shelf for 40 or so years, and now is a bright and beautiful necklace that I will enjoy wearing. I love it!

With many thanks,

Beth & John

Dear Don & Bonnie,

Thank you for my first pair of wire wrapped earrings. They are a perfect match for my greenstone pendant and will also go with some other pendants. Very nice, very comfortable, great length and very special. I will certainly enjoy wearing them.

Thank you so very much.


Hi Don,

Thank you very much for the necklaces. You were right; they do look better than what the pictures showed. You do very nice work and I am looking forward to showing them off. Thanks to you, I think I might have a couple ideas for gifts you could make for me to give in the future. Sounds like you guys are really getting hit with snow. Makes me want to go skiing.

Have a great holiday,


Hello Don,

Just a short note to relay how surprised and delighted my wife Diana was upon receiving your Prehnite/Thomsonite pendant on Christmas morning. The piece is a truly stunning expression of your artist’s eye for composition and your deft ability to transform gold and silver wire into fluid movement. One of the things that I appreciate the most it that, like my wife, the pendant is absolutely unique and there are no others exactly the same. How precious is that!

Best wishes in the New Year to you and Bonnie and may every rock split reveal a natural wonder… and the wonder of nature!

Best regards,

Dear Don,

I'm glad you listened to the rocks, and what they had to say. They didn't steer you wrong. I absolutely love the work you did on the datolite pieces.

Bonnie picked out perfect necklaces to compliment your work. Nicely done. I am thrilled with the results.

You're right about how the red datolite sparkles under magnification. It's absolutely lovely.

You're a lapidary genius. :)

Thank you.


A great job on the stone, I really like it and your work is very nice. I know my daughter will just love it as much as Mom and I do.

Thanks again.

Thanks, Don. I will be sure to spread the word about your business, and if I am ever in need, I will buy from you.

Thanks again,

Dear Don,

My new Greenstone pendant arrived in today's mail. Neal had me close my eyes and dip my hand into the mailer bag... and there it was, in all its glory. WOWIE! What a gorgeous piece of jewelry: both the stone itself and the beautiful setting. I immediately went scrambling for a chain, and I'm wearing it as I type this. I anticipate that it will be a piece I will reach for often.

Best regards,

Hello, My greenstone arrived in this afternoon's mail, safe and sound. It is beautiful! I am very happy with it. It fits perfectly on my Omega necklace.

I would be happy to have you do another piece for me should the need arise, and I would also be happy to recommend you to anyone of my friends!

Thank you again,

Good looking agate--my wife loved it!



WOW! I really like this jewelry buying experience. This is the first time that I've wished.......I had 3 more wives!